“The Lord Renews Our Strength” May 19, 2019

The message for Sunday, May 19th, 2019 is “The Lord Renews Our Strength”. This message was delivered by FAITH Walk’s own: Rev. Michael Renta.

The scriptures referenced in this message are:

Isaiah 40:26-31

Galatians 6:9

1 Samuel 18:11; 30:6

Romans 8:28

Joel 3:10

Psalms 27:13

Psalms 121:2-3

1 Samuel 30:18-19

Psalms 119:28

1 Kings 19:5

Psalms 23:2, 6

Psalms 143:10

Food for thought: Even though we can grow weary, God has a plan of victory for us. Don’t let time talk you out of it, battle fatigue is a goal killer. Waiting is an active word.

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