New Must Read Book!

FAITH Walk’s own Pastor James Riggins has written a book that is aimed at pointing people to the Word of God and paints an honest picture of what is and isn’t His will. Click on the picture above for more information and details on how to order your very own copy.

Play Ball!

Every summer FAITH Walk attends a Rancho Cucamonga Quakes baseball games.  The event is always fun and is the perfect time to enjoy great weather with family.  We hope to see you there this year.

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Fellowship Brunch

FAITH Walk conducts fellowship brunches throughout the year.  The focus is to provide an atmosphere that encourages increased fellowship between the congregation through the enjoying of food, sweets, and drinks served by the church leadership.

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Many members of the congregation decided to make a deeper commitment to God by renouncing their sins and becoming baptised.

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Welcome to our new website!

FAITH Walk Christian Church has recently revamped it’s website.  Feel free to browse through the pages to get the latest information on what is taking place at this house of God.  In the Sermons section of the website you can access the audio recording of the Sunday Sermon messages.  Please visit the news section as well to see the most recent activity updates.

Thanks and enjoy!